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Comedian vs Rockstar

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eric-01 OR   patrick
Eric Tsang                                Patrick Tse
Comedian                                 Rockstar

Martell Low is a flamboyant sharp talking 50 year old man who thinks he is black like Snoop Dog and Bad like Tong Montana (aka Scarface)

He dons tasteless non-matching bling bling and pairs it off with a funky hairdo that one would expect to see on someone a third his age. His audacious style lends him an air of arrogant self-confidence.

He spews ‘street lingo’ English sentences like he is from the Bronx; only trouble is the accent is all messed up (he is of Cantonese origin and sports a strong Hong Kong accent). He is well versed in Cantonese, Hokkien and Mandarin though.

Never appearing to be less than on top of the world, Martell is almost always in control of any given situation. Being the serial conman that he is, he unsurprisingly tries to better anyone in any deal.

But Martell’s luck will turn for the worst when he unwittingly falls into a series of traps laid by his nemesis – a 22 year old university student, MERC.

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Prologue – The Perfect Heist

“What is the perfect heist? These days there’s no finesse to the art. I read in the papers about a music exec that walked out with150k in cash to pay an orchestra. No con, no heist. Just the old Bash and Grab. Where is the pride in that? And why are you walking around with 150k in a duffel bag?”

As Layman talks, we see a clip of a man walking out of a bank with a duffel bag full of cash. Looks cleary like North America.

Superimpose: George LaSalle, COO, Epilogue Records as he walks down the street.

A masked man approaches him and hits him on the head with a golf club. The masked man runs off with the bag.

“Or closer to home, last Christmas Eve, a couple guys did a Just Walk on By on a luxury watch store in a department store just before their Big Christmas Sale. Supposedly an inside job, a couple guys just walked into the store and took off with 200+ luxury watches worth S$2 million. A department store for Christ’s sake. Have you seen the security at department stores in this country? That’s kid’s play,”

Newspaper cuttings of the incident with a picture of the poker face robber giving showing a peace sign.

“But every now and then, someone plans something a bit more sophisticated. The greatest heist of 2008, The Devil’s Fork.”

A woman’s voice interrupts, “Well, technically a 5+2 Devil’s Fork ending with a Don’t Come Around Here No More.”

“Technically, yes. Thank you,” Layman’s voiceover continues. “You’re welcome,” “Now where was I? Yes, The Devil’s Fork represents any three-prong scheme. 5+2 stands for 5 main players and 2 supporting cast. In this case, we had The Insure n’Burn starring the great Federer, The Old Swap-A-Roo starring the genius Ms. Lily, and The Bone Dry starring the talented and beautiful Ms. Koko.”

The woman coughs.

“Oh yeah, the other two players. That would be the unassuming Layman and the sweet n’innocent, Merc, short for Mercedes. And concluding every heist is the mark and the mysterious kingpin, Mr. Biswas. A good heist is one where you never know when the heist began…”