watch my a** poster ver 2

Watch my A** - poster version 2.2

The economic crises of 2008 hits and two men from opposite sides of the life spectrum find themselves on equal ground when they are both retrenched and end up neighbours at HDB Blk 88 in the deep heartlands of Singapore.

When one of the men agrees to rent out a part of his flat to a secret brothel enterprise, #08-288, run by the local pimp Martell, Federer, a down and out security guard with a newfound lucky streak and Layman, a failed mortgages trader with a great poker face are joined by Merc(edes), a college student cum social escort with a hidden agenda, Koko, a cabaret dancer and scorned lover with a bone to pick, and Lily, an immigrant with a hidden talent starring.  The two men and three women discover that they have far more in common than they could ever imagine and team up to pull off The Devil’s Fork, a 3-prong heist, for a mysterious kingpin.


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