Bandits snatch $4m in armoured Van Heist

Lex Hall | April 21, 2009

Article from: The Australian

MASKED gunmen repeatedly fired shots after they ambushed an armoured van carrying up to $4 million from inside a Sydney security depot, in what is believed to be the nation’s biggest such hold-up.

Police are investigating whether the gang may have had inside help as the hold-up at Lane Cove is the second on a Chubb van on the city’s north shore. Bandits stole up to $2 million in a similar heist in North Sydney in February.

About 4am yesterday, guards from security company Chubb were ambushed inside the depot as they prepared to deliver up to $4 million to ATMs across the city.

A gang of armed men surrounded the three guards as they began work, forcing them to hand over their weapons.

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