Thiefhunters in Paradise

Bob Arno - the Usual Suspect

Bob Arno - the Usual Suspect

You may know Bob Arno, the world’s greatest pick pocket but you may not know he has a blog… Thiefhunters in Paradise.

Ready to hit the road? Unsuspecting travelers face an obstacle course of scams, cons, and rip-offs. Opportunistic thieves lie in wait. Strategists create their own opportunities. Devilish scams are designed to divert your attention, even against your will. In the places people love to visit most, distract theft, con games, credit card scams, and identity theft have increased dramatically. Here’s a backdoor-perspective on the techniques of the most underhanded scoundrels. Why hunt thieves?

|Go to Bob Arno’s Site or Thiefhunters in Paradise Blog


One response to “Thiefhunters in Paradise

  1. bob’s site is great , thanks for linking to it

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