Comedian vs Rockstar

Who will play Martell? | Cast your VOTE here

eric-01 OR   patrick
Eric Tsang                                Patrick Tse
Comedian                                 Rockstar

Martell Low is a flamboyant sharp talking 50 year old man who thinks he is black like Snoop Dog and Bad like Tong Montana (aka Scarface)

He dons tasteless non-matching bling bling and pairs it off with a funky hairdo that one would expect to see on someone a third his age. His audacious style lends him an air of arrogant self-confidence.

He spews ‘street lingo’ English sentences like he is from the Bronx; only trouble is the accent is all messed up (he is of Cantonese origin and sports a strong Hong Kong accent). He is well versed in Cantonese, Hokkien and Mandarin though.

Never appearing to be less than on top of the world, Martell is almost always in control of any given situation. Being the serial conman that he is, he unsurprisingly tries to better anyone in any deal.

But Martell’s luck will turn for the worst when he unwittingly falls into a series of traps laid by his nemesis – a 22 year old university student, MERC.

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